Ceramic USB Essential Oil Diffuser

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Enhance your space with a stylish diffuser that complements any decor. It provides the ability to change the lights by choosing between 6 different colors so it creates a suitable atmosphere in your environment. You can use this as an aroma diffuser and personal humidifier, ideal for apartments, offices, studios, child’s rooms.


Name: Ultrasonic Diffuser Humidifier
Power: 5V,5W
Water capacity: 100 mL
Runtime: 4-6 hours
Auto shut-off feature: The diffuser will shut off when the water level gets too low.

How to use:

1. Rest diffuser on a flat surface, take off the outer cover gently. 2.Remove the white plastic cap from the water tank.
2. Fill the water tank with water below 100 mL fill line.
3. Add 4-7 drops of essential oil into the water (depending on desired strength).
4. Replace the white plastic cap. Place the outer cover over the diffuser.
5. then plug the power adapter into a standard wall power outlet.
6. Use buttons on the front to control mist and light settings.

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