Great Gatsby Accessories Set

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A beautiful set of five pieces of jewelry, consisting of a headband, earrings, cigarette holder, necklace and gloves or bracelet of your choice. The headband is a metal structure in the form of plant twigs, inlaid with non-precious stones, combined with a double elastic band for better fixation on the head. Elongated earrings, 20s style. The necklace consists of two rows of fake pearls. The entire set is perfect for a theme party and will add authenticity to your look.


Headband material: Elastic band, rhinestones, zinc alloy

Earrings material: Rhinestones

Cigarette holder material: Plastic

                           length: 30 cm

Necklace material: Plastic

               length: 150 cm
               pearl size: 0.8 cm

Bracelet material: Plastic

Gloves material: Polyester
            length: 52 cm

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