Natural Crystal Cluster

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Natural White Crystal Cluster is a great gift option or as a decor for your room. Natural crystals lie deep underground or in caves, often undergoing geological processes such as volcanoes and earthquakes. Late volcanic eruption, a large number of solid mineral crystallization condensing formation volcanic rocks, the residual water flows through early eruption of volcanic rock and hydrothermal precipitation silica. Silica precipitation in the extrusive rock porosity and empty and under the condition of high temperature, through the growth of more than one hundred million years of time, the crystal will be in accordance with the "hexagonal system" law of nature, natural crystal into hexagonal prism shape. It makes a perfect addition to a collection, curios cabinet, decoration or crystal grid.


Type: Cluster

Material: Crystal

Color: colorful

Size: 60-80mm long

Weight: about 160-180g

Packing list: 1 piece

NOTE: Est. Shipping 1 - 5 Weeks

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